Pagan sites and blog posts

Here's a quick list of pagan and Wiccan blogs and sites I happen to enjoy checking out, plus guides to what Paganism/Wicca are and are not for those curious enough to click. (Yes, you know you want to.) While this isn't a complete list, it will be a helpful resource for both you the readers and me as we explore this path. Paganism/Wiccan main page
Ah, Always a good resource. And a good overview as well.

Domesticated: Symbols, Fashion Statements, Pentacles & Pentagrams
   Misappropriation: It's what's not for dinner. (or why I don't wear my pentacle, and keep my faith (new and exploratory as it is.) not so public at work. (Besides the fact I had a born again Christian coworker who I doubt would understand.)

The Church and School of Wicca
Found this whilst randomly searching awhile back.

The Corvid Key Contemporary issues

Real Witches Practice Samhain: Wicca on the Rise in U.S.
It's an older article, but still useful.

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