Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adopt a Bun!

Disapproving Rabbits: Dougal

Clicky the link above to check out an absolutely adorable rabbit who has a forever home! And remember folks: If you can, become a bunny's slave adopt a shelter bun. they'd love the attention and carrotinis!

Tata for now!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift ideas for the obsessed knitter in your life

Over the last 7 days, the Yarn Harlot has been posting gift ideas for the nonknitters in a knitter's life to give said knitter. That spurred me to thinking: Why not give you readers an idea or several for gifts for your knitter? So, here it is! Hope this helps you kids!

·        Knit bags (Can never have enough, if only to keep projects going outside of the house neat and tidy, also to keep yarn and things for future projects in order. Just make sure it’s roomy and doesn’t have any Velcro.)

·        A swift and ball winder (Y’know, for when the human equivalent isn’t available!)

·        Yarn (Duh. Just because I already have a stash doesn’t mean I don’t mind additions to it. And preferably wool, bamboo, bamboo/wool, angora/wool… You should get the point.)

·        A subscription to a knitting magazine or several. (For inspiration. And the yarn porn.)

·        Bamboo needles. (Achy joints love these needles!)

·        No interruptions when you see the knitter is working on something and watching a DVD to keep her hands moving. Especially if she develops a twitch and mutters about deadlines and/or needing to finish birthday/Christmas/anniversary/whatever knitting.

·        Knitting books (See Knit magazine reasoning. Plus, you never know if your knitter will knit you something out of the magazine/book!)

·        Things to store yarn/finished projects in. (Preferably something that will keep moths out/away from anything containing/made of wool.

·        Cedar sheeting/boxes for wool knits/yarn (Cedar repels moths, which are a knitter’s worst fear, especially since the little buggers eat precious wool, thus killing hours of work and the knitters life spent on the handknits.)

·        Stitch Markers. (Trust me, they will get lost. It never hurts to have too many!)

·        Tape measures (See above)

·        Point protectors (Will keep the knitting on the needles and the knitter from cursing when the needle inevitably pulls out of the knit in progress. Will also keep unsuspecting folks from getting poked in the ass with said needles.)

·        Blocking wires (Help so much when it comes to blocking up the knitting!)

Ciao for now, and remember to support a local knitter!

PS. This could be used for birthday gifts for a knitter too. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Knitting as a profession

I read something fairly interesting on the Yarn Harlot blog after work, and it got me to thinking.

Most folks don’t take hand knitting very seriously, and don’t really want to pay what it’s worth, both for the knitter to buy the amount of yarn that went into the finished product, and for the knitter’s time. I don’t know about other knitters out there in the world, but it takes me awhile to get even a simple project done because I work full-time. Granted, most nights I do get the chance to sit down for the last 45-50 minutes of my shift and knit at the very least a couple rows before I go home, but anymore, most of my knitting is done late at night on the weekends when I can get several uninterrupted hours to sit, knit and watch a DVD, or in the car if the parents and I are driving to one of the two semi-decent malls in the area. For me, it’s a hobby to help relax when the work week is over or to try to save a buck or two on scarves I'll actually wear. But there are a few who test knit patterns to supplement their income. Steph brought up several good points in her post, though. I’ll let you go read it, though.

Now, why wouldn't folks want to pay for what someone's time is worth? Especially in a handcraft that, while it can be produced much more efficiently and quickly on machines, can show in wool form how much you treasure/love/care for someone?  And don’t you think the knitter’s time and years of experience are worth paying them a livable amount for?

Let me know what you folks think in a comment! Thanks!



Saturday, December 3, 2011


Well... Yesterday was mom's birthday. She's now 62 years young! Gave her a handknit hat and scarf, both of which she's been wearing the last couple days, and got her a Queen cd when we went to the Capital City Mall.
Other than that... Got more done on a shawl I've been workin on on and off for the last... 5 or 6 months. Honestly? Can't wait to get it finished! Just gotta find my dang camera to get a pic of it...

Ciao for now, kids!