Monday, September 19, 2016

Library knitting

       I mentioned a couple posts ago that I prefer doing my writing in the local library or over in  Giant's coffee shop more than at home*. Well, that apparently extends to drafting out and test knitting patterns. 

       Yep, you read that right. I'm working on a knit pattern currently, for a cabled cowl. I'll probably be posting progress pictures over on my Instagram account and cross-posting to here. 

       I've actually been kicking around the idea of writing out my ideas into pattern form for a while. It's mostly been spurred on by local crafters and passersby commenting on whatever I happen to be currently knitting on, and the fact I'd like to see others' interpretation of my patterns. It's also a way to use up the stash knitting up example knits, and get the inner knitter to shut up about whatever she happens to be on about now.

       As for where I'm going to be publishing the pattern(s), they're going to either be published here or on Ravelry with links over in the sidebar.


*- It's a mix of factors that boil down to me being able to concentrate on drafting things out better away from the house.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What fuels your creative juices?

I don't know about you, but I definitely have things that spur my creativity when I'm not funked up. It's honestly a bit of an odd mix, considering some of the sources. Let's dive in!

Knit/jewelry porn

       This can appear anywhere at anytime (especially in stores...) and inevitably makes me (or mom for jewelry.) want to immediately stop and feel it up, examine how it's made, take pictures or measurements, and the like to be able to recreate whatever caught our eye at home. Best examples of knit porn? Tom Selleck's sweater in Blue Bloods (Biggest reason I like it.) and Billy the Kids' sweater in Expendables 2.

       Every time I see this, I'm lusting after it. Not because it's on a good looking older actor (though that certainly doesn't hurt a bit.), but because holy balls,  it looks damn comfortable, pretty damn well constructed, and the cables. Holy fuck, the cables. Yes, I have a thing for cables. If it has fairly interesting cable work, there's a damn good chance I'm going to want to knit it. 

       This sweater (and his cowl) completely made this movie for me the first time I saw it in the theater. Not because it was on Liam Hemsworth (certainly doesn't hurt, again.), but again because it looks comfy, and I'm a sucker for most things cowl necked, even if they wouldn't look good on my current body type. Thank god I'm working on at least part of that, though.

'I'm cold and achy at work'

       This is also known here as 'Mom's arthritis hates winter and the a/c at her job'. It's especially bad in her hands and neck, hence why she's got a ton of scarves, and is getting more arm/hand warmers. Also why I don't have as many knits for myself outside of the odd store bought or cowl that she does want.

I need something to knit while browsing blogs or Reddit/Watch TV/I'm a passenger in a car

       I really do knit while doing things that don't need the use of my hands. It's usually something fairly simple if I'm on the computer, navigating somewhere with mom,  or watching an interesting TV show. Semi uninteresting TV show, Going somewhere we've been enough times before to know the way (like Mom's cancer follow ups, or in Mechanicsburg for something computer or payment related) gets something a little more complicated. Now, if it's something more complicated, then I'll switch to music or a horror narration like Lazy Masquerade, Corpse Husband, or Be. Busta  on Youtube.

       What gets your creativity going? Let us know down in the comments! I'd love to hear about it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Depression and anxiety suck.

       I've posted before about having undiagnosed depression and anxiety, and the fact it screws around with things I need/want to do. Especially the internet connected creative shit. No, you guys aren't shit. I just swear a lot.

       Well, the blog and Youtube certainly fall victim to the evil little bastards. I haven't really thought I had much worthwhile to share craftwise on here*, and any ideas for Youtube videos/promos/idea gathering? Pfft, nobody's gonna give a rat's ass about it, or they're just gonna shit all over the stuff. And ad in the fact I really dislike having people wandering through where I'm trying to write up a rough draft/type up the blogs** (Helloooo, ADD!), and I'm not going to be entirely comfortable at home. Thankfully, I'm usually more comfortable in Giant's coffeeshop area, or at the local library in a back corner, and they're both in fairly easy walking/biking distance, so I have outside of the house options. 

       Ok, I know this is a bit rambly and ish, but I had to get myself out of my own head some, and shut up the demons. Hope you're having a great day wherever you are!

*Mostly have WIPs, and a few UFOs that need a good wash.

**Mostly Bruce the jackass. I've posted here before about some of the crap he's done, and have since stumbled across some things that have led Mom and me to seriously think he's a narcissist, on top of all the other shit that's going on with him.

Blog playlist, 9/16/2016