Thursday, June 23, 2016

Candlelight Vigil for Orlando, Fl, June 15, 2016, Carlisle, Pa

       I know you're probably sick of hearing about what happened in Orlando on June 12th, but this kind of violence towards the LGBT+ community can't keep happening. These folks were/are someone's brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, aunt, uncle...

(Ninja edit to add this. Copied from what I posted on Patreon.)

       Most of what I hate about this shooting in particular is how the shooter used Islam as an excuse to go murder and injure the folks. Mom knows/has known several through her job, and they're pretty damn peaceful, not violent like the shooter and the terrorist hate groups. But of course, once Islam's mentioned, Islamophobia's going to rear its ugly-arsed head. 

       My opinion on his real motive? Not being able to accept he was gay, and the fact he didn't get the mental help he demonstrated he needed when he was younger. What I think could have prevented this? Actually keeping his arse on the Do Not Fly list, and having that show up on background checks for weaponry as a hard no on buying guns. But before you bring up the whole 'But he would have gone to the black market' argument, I don't doubt he would have, and there really needs to be a fragging way to block that. How, I don't know. But let's use that as a jumping off point to figure out a solution.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oooo, pretty chain maille!

       Yes, I'm teaching myself how to make chain maille. I picked up Basics of Chain Maille by Lauren Andersen over at A.C. Moore a week or so ago because hey, I've wanted to try doing it for awhile now.

First chain?

       This is the Byzantine (or birdcage) chain, the first type covered in the booklet. This is actually the second one I made, since I didn't think to take photos of the first one I made, and Mom's already claimed it.

Second Chain?

       These took a few tries to get the hang of, but I rather like this particular chain. It definitely lends itself to having various bits added on a hair better than the Byzantine in my opinion, but I'll be experimenting a bit with that some after I learn the next couple chains in the booklet. But I do know the last 4-in-1 will be going on my camcorder with maybe one or two additions. Gotta keep my equipment looking snazzy and recognizable, after all!

       I'm seriously considering having some chainmaille jewelry up as a Patreon reward level, depending on interest.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back to our normal blog programming

       It's been awhile since I've posted anything about the latest knitting, but I'm still working away on it in the background.

What am I currently working on?

       Currently, I've got a hat and scarf set on the go for mom, in Isaac Mizrahi Craft University in Fordham. It's a nice, rich purple with a ply of copper/gold metallic thread running through. I've already gotten the hat done, and have the scarf on the go.

I've also got a hat/cowl/fingerless mitt set on the go for myself, using Caron Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue. I've used this yarn before in a project for a friend of mine, and liked it. As with Mom's set, I've already got the hat done, and have the cowl on the needles. Unlike mom's scarf, the cowl will be both wide enough to cover both head and neck, and long enough to be doubled over without strangling the wearer.

       I do still have several UFOs lurking about, but these are what I'm currently working on at the moment. 

What's on your needles?