Thursday, August 16, 2012

My dad is a freakin' IDIOT!!!!!

Why? Long stroy short: He was online last Monday looking at who-knows-what, the computer locks up with an official looking bit about looking at child porn and having that lock up the computer, and paying a $200 fine to the FBI to unlock it. Dad goes and pays the $200, goes to mom's work and tells her and she drags him down to the local PD after she gets out of work to report it. He admits to looking at little kids in bikinis and porn on mom's computer to the cop, and they come to the house after we all get home to take the CPU to search it.

Mom and I are pissed because both of us use the computer for our own stuff, and also because every time he's been caught looking at this schiesse in the past, he's promised not to do it again and we've caught him. Plus, since he's retired and we're still working, we expect him to pull his weight in house cleaning and the like. What does he do? Read, sleep and look at porn on mom's computer. Any time we confront him about it, he starts saying he's going to kill himself/move out/blames himself for everything that goes wrong in the house, which pisses us off even more because you'd expect that kind of BS from a 15 year old girl, not a 63 year old man. Mom had to drag him to his doctor a couple months ago to get him a physcial and see if the 3 concussions he had when he was a kid had anything to do with the schiesse he keeps pulling. Well, the concussions didn't show up on the MRI his doc ordered, but the doc put him on anti-depressants. They worked okay for a couple weeks, then just... Stopped working. Mom and I are fed up with it, and told him point blank that until he starts doing what he needs to around the house, he's not getting access to her computer, and even when he does, he's going to have his account parental blocked up the arse, and he's only going to be allowed on the computer for an hour or two when one of us is home. Of course, when she told him this, he launced another drama queen bit, then started talking about getting a cheap laptop, even after mom reminded him that the money needs to be spent on fixing up the bathroom, kitchen and the radiator in my room. Ugh!
Anyway, sorry for venting at y'all, but this has been pissing me off for the last week or so, and I don't wanna keep venting at my coworkers.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


What the hell's up with all the shootings lately?!? First, Aurora, Colorado, now a Sikh temple?!? What's up with all the hate? Idiocy?

Sikh shooting
Facts about Sikhs