Monday, October 29, 2007


Not much to report on the knit/crochet front aside from the hat I'm working on... Instead of the other projects I really need to work on, like Jai's blanket. (smacks self) Really gotta get in gear on that, since the cold weather's (or at least cold nights and mornings) started here in south central Pennsylvania.

Anyway, sold the poncho last night. Which is good, but I'm gonna still miss the bum after I've shipped it off. 'Course, it's probably not gonna miss me, because it happened to like driving me crazystupid while I was crocheting the panels and slipstitching them together. Bum. Oh well... C'est le vie, right?

Friday, October 26, 2007


Looks like I've got a job!!! It's a full-time custodian position over at the local high school, evenings. Doesn't pay much starting out, but at least I get decent medical, dental and eyecare benefits. Yeah, it'll cut into my knitting and crocheting time, as well as my yarn lusting time, but at least I'll get money to pay for yarn, and not have to bug mom and dad for money. :D Yayness.

Now on to stuff I'd like to sell right now... If y'all know anyone who'd wear a women's XXLish poncho crocheted in Caron Simply Soft Country Blue and Light Country Blue, leave a comment with your contact info. Person with the best offer (money, yarn, chocolate, or any combination therof) gets it!

(Edited to fix a typo.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guten Tag!

Hey folks. Welcome to my little corner of the 'net universe. Don't have much to say right now, except to keep your eye on here in case you'd be interested in my rantings, or throwing yarn at me to shut me up. Not that I'd objec to yarn... Especially some nice Louisa Harding... Gods, she's got some gorgeous yarn... Have some of her Kimono Angora, and it's absolutely sinful, it's so soft!! But yeah, enough of my tired raving over yarn! G'night, folks!