Sunday, August 16, 2015

Random FB article time!

I know I've ranted on the subject of what the cost of a hand-knit item should be if I were to sell what I make, but I ran across another article on my Facebook rambling that emphasizes the cost of the knitter's time along with the materials again. I know I'm probably flogging a dead horse, but really? It's worth it to pay for the time the person spent knitting/crocheting the item you're buying instead of just the materials and a small 'profit' markup.

Dark Cyber Gothic EBM Mix VI - by Cyberdelic

This is the kind of stuff I can easily listen to just to get into the groove of knitting, cleaning, or whatever else needs doing that I need to just... Turn my mind off during. Or at least turn down the mental volume some. Granted, I wouldn't listen to it during video editing, since it'd just be distracting, but that's a whole 'nother subject.

Speaking of video editing, I'm going to be swiping mom's laptop to do my videos, for a couple reasons. Reason one is the ever fun fucked up Windows 10. I made the mistake of 'upgrading' to that from Windows 7 on the desktop this week. Oh. My. God. Worst computer-related mistake of my life (so far). I haven't been able to upload the videos I took on Friday to edit them for publishing on my YouTube channel. And before you ask, dear Blog, I did try on the laptop today. Nada. 'Course, we need to take it in for a few other problems, but that'll have to wait some.

Reason two is I'd like to get more familiar with using YouTube's video editor to put together my videos, especially since I'm not going to be using the Kongos' Come With Me Now as the intro/outro music anymore.

Getting off that subject, thank you to those of you following me on Twitter who got there from this humble little blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to lighten up your day.

And with that, Good night from my part of the world!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Robin Williams revisited

Holy heck... I'ts seriously been a year since he passed? Still occasionally seems like it was yesterday. And to be honest with you folks, I've seen maybe two or three of his films that I can remember. Of those, I'd have to say Jumanji's always been my favorite. And no, it isn't because of the front yard being nicknamed that. (Really, it isn't.)

Anyway, here's a story about him from US Weekly. Also, One from Sara Michelle Geller on CNN. And one I found on Facebook. (See, the Book of  Faces is good for something! And yes... I like Thor fanfiction...) 

On that note, go back and watch some of his movies. Help brighten someones day, even if it's something small. You'll never know what just may help pull someone out. If need be, go out of your way to be goofy to bring a smile to the face of someone who's hurting. Give someone who's homeless some food. Something.

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 9th, 2015, Basic Knitter Kat, Yay Flat Tires

Latest vlog is up! And mom makes her official BKK Vlog debut as well.

Yes, this is more venting about dingle not taking proper care of things... Recurring theme here, I know. I'm going to be posting a vlog that doesn't revolve around him being brain dead later on, and instead focuses on the town we're living in. I shot it today, but with the slow computer and editing/internet combo, most things are going to be running a day or two behind when I film them.

In other news, I'm in the middle of setting up a Patreon account so viewers and the Blog can help keep both up and running. I'll be posting the link to my Patreon page up above in one of the header bars, along with the Kickstarter for the house renovations. Please, please, please support one or both. Even a couple bucks will help.

Alright, that's all for now. I'll catch you lovelies on the flipside!