Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, happy b'lated Turkeyday to anyone reading this blog.
I've got a challange for anyone reading. The challange is to post at least five things you're grateful for. It can be something small like a favorite tv show, or something big like having survived an accident. Like I said, anything. I'll be posting some that I get. If you don't want me to post yours, just say so at the top of your comment.
Anyway, talk to y'all later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welllll... Not much going on. Have off the next few days, thanks to the Turkey day vacation for the kids at work. Thank God... Also picked up a parcel that was waiting for me at the post office. And it's some damn gorgeous Patons Divine!!! Recieved it from Nancy (a fellow Yarn harlot reader from Canada). Have 5 1/2 skeins of Denim Storm, 5 of Chantilly Rose that Mom's already claimed for a sweater or something, and 1 of Regal Red. So gorgeous... Just have to get the money to her once I get my paycheck. (glares at Payroll, muttering)

Also, if y'all feel like sending me something off my wishlist over in the sidebar, just leave a comment with your email so I can send ya my snail mail addy.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not much done.

Well, not much knitting or crocheting has gotten done lately... ''cept for the squares for Jai's blanket getting done and sewn up, and a hat, which I'm gonna have to rip back completely and redo. *wince* Not gonna be fun, considering it's 70% angora yarn, and it's gonna probably shed and rip apart under the frogging. Also, gotta finish a shawl I started for mom maybe afew weeks ago befre I can start on the curtains she wants me to knit for the kitchen, since I'll need to use the circulars for that.

Jai's blanket still needs a border bit. I'm going with the off-white yarn. Haven't decided on the stitch bit I'm going to use on it. Stuck between doing a regular double stitch or shell stich for it.

But on the new project front, I've started a cotton purse in Rose pink. Working onthe first granny square panel at the moment. Fuuuun. Meh, at least it'll be done fairly quickly. I hope, anyway.

Anyway, I'll talk to y'all when I can, folks!!!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Work is boring.

So glad it's finally the weekend... Work is a pain, considering I'm cleaning up after a buncha middle school kids. But meh, at least I'm being paid. Not much going on in the knitting/crocheting area, aside from what I can get done on breaks, before work, and whatever time I have after all the cleaning is done and when I get out of work. Y'know, that kinda thing... Anyway, talk atch'all later.