Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Black Friday 'Fun'

As I posted Thursday, I did a little shopping on Friday, mostly for things I need. After I got some laundry done, of course.

What I got, and where.

Mom and I hit Tractor Supply Company first. She went for the sale on Friskies (Yes, we still have two indoor fuzzballs, and a few outside kitties.) and I went for a work jacket (mine's brown, not moss green.) for $51.99, and gloves for $7.99, both on sale. Mind you, I went in originally for just a jacket, but if this winter is anything like last, I'll need both.

Second stop was Old Navy for me so I could pick up a few pairs of jeans (since I lost weight and my 18s are all too flipping baggy now.) and a pair of better fitting pj pants, all half off. I'm seriously thinking of selling some of the pants that are too loose on me now to make room and money for new pairs. Y'know, kill two birds with one stone.

Last stop was Michael's to meet up with mom and I wound up getting some mini-gift boxes and some peppermint bark to give with Christmas cards to teachers and the office staff at work.

Our last stop was Target to price snow boots for work, since the ones I had from a couple years ago had a leak that I only found out about the first really good snow of the year... And mom needs a pair because she can't keep wearing the waterproof sneakers Jo gave her in the snow because they aren't tall enough.

With that having been reported, I'll leave you with a random fortune cookie quote:
'How dark is dark?
How wise is wise?'

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to give thanks for the blessings of the last year. Time for family to come together to stuff themselves catatonic, sometimes while watching the inevitable Thanksgiving Day NFL game. And if you're a shopaholic who just has to get the latest, greatest Black Friday (but really Thursday) deal, time to shop, shop, shop!* However you and yours celebrate this holiday, I wish you all a safe, warm, and happy Thanksgiving!
*- We here at KatKnits do not endorse getting up at an unGoddessly early hour to go out and going ape-shit insane for a $90 piece of plastic carp that will likely break within a few days (if not hours) of it being unwrapped on Christmas (or Yule if you are of the pagan/Wiccan faith.). Having said that, I'll be out getting items that I do need (mostly for work) before Yule.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Apparently, a cashier at Giant likes my weekend make up. She's come over a couple times when I've been over in the café area working on something for mom to admire it. And also apparently thought I'm just out of school, as well. Nice kid, too.

Took this using Loki's webcam, so it's not the best pic of me with makeup.
Anyway, yes, you heard me right above. I wear makeup on the weekends now. Not a lot, or really over-done, but a bit darker/odder than normal folks. May post on what's in the make up stash later, and what would qualify something to be considered for said stash. Well, besides possibly looking good with what else I've got...