Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Projects finished and unfinished.

Well, as I promised Sunday, I have photos of two of the current works in progress and one finished object.

First up is the fingerless mitts!

 And now for socks!


These were all taken where I work since it isn't as cluttered as home is right now. Right now, mom and I are trying to sort through the several years worth of... Stuff that we've managed to accumulate, and throw out what needs it, donate what we can't use, and store/find a home for what we can. This... Is going to take awhile, especially since Bruce doesn't really do ish to help us out, and our work hours don't always let us help each other out. But we'll get to a nice tidy house eventually. I hope...

Anyway, I'll get photos of the other projects sometime either this week (again, at work) or this weekend somewhere where I won't mind taking pics of them.

Tchuss for now!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photos, projects and conundrums.

       Hm... I really don't post too much, do I?

Projects and conundrums


       So far, I've managed to make two fingerless mitts, both left-handed. Don't have  pictures of them as yet, but I should hopefully have them up within the next couple of days. One set of mitts I'm working on is for mom, since her hands get cold ridiculously easily, especially when she's at work in the Army War College Commissary. The other set is one a coworker of mine asked that I make for her daughter who drives a bus, plus she asked if I could make slipper socks for both of her daughters.

      I've also got a cabled wrap on the needles for Mom and I when we're sitting downstairs at the computer so we don't have to jack the heat up and waste heating oil. Again, don't have pictures of that, but I'll have to try to get some within the next couple of days, even if I drag it to work with me.

       I also have a loom knit scarf that I'm making for myself that I've nicknamed smooshy, and a couple pairs of socks that need finished. I've already finished one sock in one of the pairs, and have the mate to it well on its way to being finished. The other... I'm still on the first sock, and I started that back in... June. My only excuse is that the sock spurred a couple of the summer help kids to ask for hand knit items. Yay for the power of knitting as advertisement, eh?


       As I said up above, one of my coworkers asked for items for her daughters, and said she'd be willing to pay fairly. My qualms? Even using purely stash yarn (of which, I have plenty.), for the mitts, assuming they'd take me about 7 hours to make, they would wind up costing $47. And the socks, assuming about 16 hours per pair would cost $112. This is assuming I'm paying myself $7 an hour of course. All told, her commission would wind up costing $271. Would anyone in their right mind be willing to pay that much for hand knit items, no matter how well made they are? Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated, dear readers.

On to the photos!

       I don't think I've mentioned that my work is being renovated at the moment, but it is. I've got a few photos of the seventh grade corridor. Don't have any yet of the combined 7th and 8th grade corridor yet, so I'll show you the seventh for now.

The main corridor for seventh grade

One of the classrooms
       I've also got a few of my neighborhood coming into mid-Autumn.

       Well, that's all for now, dearies. I'll be back sometime this coming week with pictures of the projects mentioned above.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Well... Again, I've left the blog alone too long. Partly because of life being a pain, lack of interest in blogging and the laptop deciding to fry its motherboard and die. I'm not even kidding on the last part. But I at least got a desktop and my files transferred to it. I've now got a Dell, which I'm pretty happy with. Though, I had to install Windows Word and Kaspersky anti-virus. I've also joined Twitter and you can follow me at @KitKatKnitter.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Lord...

...I really do neglect this poor bloggy! I'm such a bad blogger, don't you think?

Knitting Knews

  Finished knitting!

       Hm, in Knit Knews, I finished the baby blanket on May 19th, and gave it to the proud parents. I just heard back from Mike that they love the blanket (Yay!) and that they plan on using it for any more kids they have (double Yay!). Also they liked that I included some pink in the edging, so they can use it for a girl too. Also gifted them two pairs of (sadly, not hand knitted) baby sockies, and a little security blankie with a stuffy head dealio that I got in Target. (If I can find a link, I'll post it, but it's a lot cuter than it sounds, trust me.)

       Current Knitting!

       My current knitting... Working on a shawl for Mom to wear at her work using Schoppel Zauberball Starke 6 in 2136 (Blue, Navy, Green, Olive). Lovely yarn, and definitely lovely drape for what I'm making. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of it as of this posting. And I must say, I'm glad I let mom pick out the yarn, even if I did balk at the price initially.
       I also have a sock done, and a second to do. I've already tried the first on, and it doesn't fit my foot quite right, so that pair may wind up becoming mom's. Also in the sock department, I've got yet another ball of Schoppel Zauberball in Green Orange Tick that'll wind up as socks for me.
       And circling back to the keep you warm department, working on something for a friend of mine. Can't tell y'all what just yet, since it's still on the needles, but I'm hoping she likes it.

      Well, that's all for Knitting Knews here.

And now...

A plug for a Youtuber I love watching. Why? Because she's just freakin' hilarious! Now watch, foo'!

See what I mean? And She never gets old either! Swear I could spend most of my day watching her videos.

Anyway, I'm off for now. Peace!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Planet Fitness

I finally joined a gym!

       Yes, I know, I've been grumping about my weight off and on for awhile, but I finally took action last weight and joined Planet Fitness here in town. I finished off my first week, and just missed Thursday and Friday, mainly because of life being, well... Life. But I did drop 4.6 pounds this first week. Thankfully!
       Before y'all start on the Planet Fitness hate bandwagon, let me say this: I have yet to see/hear the lunk alarm go off on anyone in the gym while I've been in doing my thing, and there are plenty of really fit/muscular folks in and not being judged/thrown out for being too fit/muscular. Noone's bitched at me for being fat, how I lift (even when I occasionally whack the weights on the first couple lifts on the machines.), or for hogging the treadmill for half an hour to an hour just walking, albiet at a pretty damn clip and working up a sweat. Please, just join the place, go for a few weeks, then pass judgement! Sheesh.

Anyeay, later!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy shit, FatMan!

erm... God, it's been awhile since I last posted.... Again. I'm sure you guys'n'gals know how life likes to be sometimes.

Not much to talk about, or at least, not much that I remember wanting to post about really bad enough to remember. Still working on the baby blanket for Ashley. Hm.. Yeah, not much else I can think of to post about. *Note to self: Write down your post ideas!*