Sunday, April 21, 2013

Planet Fitness

I finally joined a gym!

       Yes, I know, I've been grumping about my weight off and on for awhile, but I finally took action last weight and joined Planet Fitness here in town. I finished off my first week, and just missed Thursday and Friday, mainly because of life being, well... Life. But I did drop 4.6 pounds this first week. Thankfully!
       Before y'all start on the Planet Fitness hate bandwagon, let me say this: I have yet to see/hear the lunk alarm go off on anyone in the gym while I've been in doing my thing, and there are plenty of really fit/muscular folks in and not being judged/thrown out for being too fit/muscular. Noone's bitched at me for being fat, how I lift (even when I occasionally whack the weights on the first couple lifts on the machines.), or for hogging the treadmill for half an hour to an hour just walking, albiet at a pretty damn clip and working up a sweat. Please, just join the place, go for a few weeks, then pass judgement! Sheesh.

Anyeay, later!