Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jupiter Maroon - Empty Spaces [Tech House]

       Long time, no blog entry... No real excuse for it outside of not really having much blog-worthy going on. Well, outside of unending knitting on UFOs, accidentally frying a cellphone via leaving it in a shorts pocket through a wash cycle and clearing and sorting out crud in the room. I do plan on actually posting more in the near future, though. And in semi-related news, I've gotten an Instagram account. You can find a link up in the left hand column, in the 'Other places you can find me' link list. There, you'll find odd photos of architecture around town, knitted projects, gardening stuff, weight loss progress pictures and the like.

       Speaking of weight loss, I've managed to drop thirteen pounds since I've started the diet and lifestyle change. A lot of it I'm attributing to holding myself accountable for logging everything that enters my mouth (with the odd flub), and tracking my activity. It's also helped along by the fact that I got a proper smartphone after frying poor Twitphone (my semi-smartphone) and downloaded MyFitnessPal to it. It certainly means less fighting with mom for the tablet that I originally had it downloaded on, since I've got my phone on my 99.99% of the time, anyway.

       As for what phone I have? I bought a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. While it isn't the latest and greatest smartphone on the market right now, I rather like it. Aside from needing to get data cards for it (Tracfone, $20/750), I'd like to eventually get a good case for it, along with headphones. But that's all in the future.

Ta for now!