Monday, April 7, 2014

Ranty-rant-rant... (NSFW due to foul language)

I swear to fucking God, Bruce is going to drive me and Mom insane and make my temper worse.

Why? The 'man' acts like a fucking 16 year old drama queen when he's confronted with the fact he never locks the front door, that he needs to consistently remember to take his damn meds (and mom and I have agreed that his anti-depressant dose needs upped like crazy.), and that he needs to stop obsessing over shit that happened in the past! Ugh!

I noticed when I went to get something out of the car that he hadn't locked the door (yes, mom and I lock it. It's ingrained in her because of where she grew up in NYC, and me because we had a crazy-assed neighbor at the last place we lived. I'm not even joking on that...) and mentioned it to them. He starts saying that he doesn't always leave the door unlocked, that it doesn't happen as frequently as we say it does, and tries to imply that we're liars. We argued back that he does leave it unlocked 98% of the time, he keeps trying to say he doesn't and getting all pissy about it, which just gets me all pissed off to where I'm yelling at him, and tell him point blank that he's worse than a damn drama queen. He wound up saying that he'll leave and never come back and all that horseshit. I wound up just going back upstairs to keep cleaning and get the temper under control. Still a tad pissed off, and if I do go drag mom to see Captain America 2, his stupid fuckin' ass is staying home.

Anyway, moving on to something else before I wind up either beating the shit out of someone or getting a damn migraine.

Knitting/yarn pictures and another way to stalk me!

I know I haven't mentioned this on here, but I'm now on Twitter, and have been for awhile. Follow me on Twitter @KitKatKnitter and enjoy the expanded insanity!

Alright, on to a couple pictures!
This... Is just one of the under-the-bed storage things of yarn. I have another, plus at least a couple binfuls of stash.
And no, I don't need an intervention. Yet.
This sucker's being made using acrylic baby yarn. Caron's Pound of Love, if I remember rightly.
Anyway, that's all for now, and I'll post my Twithandle over on the sidebar so you can still find me later.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Ugh... Arsehat (aka dad, aka Bruce) is looking at getting a laptop for himself, and bitching about how expensive they are. While I hate that he's obsessing over getting one and how expensive they are (which I get, since I recently got my baby Loki. Yes, I named my laptop. No, I don't care that makes me look crazy. I spend enough damn time on the computers that I may as well.), at least he's saving money for something, and he won't be fucking up my computers or mom's computer. Hopefully, he'll also get his own printer, but that's a long shot, same with getting him to pay for any ink/paper/wear and tear on my printer...

Speaking of, I'm currently using an Epson XP-410 and I'm rather liking it. I especially appreciate that I don't have to plug it into the laptop to print, since it's wifi enabled, and it's already hooked into my desktop computer. And I'm especially loving the copy feature on it, since that means I can copy patterns and mark the copies up to my heart's content and not worry so much. (Plus, I do find the odd mandala/coloring page bit at work that I particularly like and want to color in, but don't want to blow the only copy I have. Speaking of, I should post a scan of one I colored in...)  And if I ever find my camera, I can print some of the photos from that as well...

Alright, onto other stuff... I recently ran across a podcast I like from a wrestler (another one...) that's actually pretty damn entertaining and not profanity laced like the Steve Austin Show Unleashed is. Talk Is Jericho is fairly entertaining, and informative in its own way. And good lord... Sucker turned me into a bit more of a Jericholic. I mean, I already like Fozzy (because holy hell, their music is fuckin' amazing, thankyouverymuch!), but this show... And the fact he interviewed Jeff Belanger, writer, tv show host, and founder of  Icing on the cake. And yes, you need to go check out both the podcasts I just linked to. Please?

Alright on that note, I'll leave you folks with a scan of something I colored. Hope you enjoy!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yarn store

Well... The yarn store in town is closing down April 25th. I'm not particularly happy about it, because this is the only yarn store in town (outside of the small selections at Wallass and Micheal's craft store. But they aren't proper yarnstores, damnit!) While this means that there's going to be some nice sale prices on the yarn and such... I'm going to miss them.