Monday, March 12, 2012


Yay! Another day! (Adam) Yes, she's had too much sugar, kids. (Me) No, I haven't!!!


Watched GCB tonight. I'm seriously loving on this show! Yes, it may come off as mean-spirited, but it's only pointing out the hypocrisy of using your face to further your own ends.

This week, Amanda had to deal with worrying about whether the social structure she'd set up to was going to label her daughter Laura ugly, but instead, Laura gets labelled a fox. They have it out, but Laura insists she'll never be cruel like her mom was.

Meanwhile, Carlene continued her efforts to push Amanda out of town, this time inviting a news crew to film her opening salvo of the "Boobylicious Project", which was changing the uniform of her restaraunt from bootyshorts and a tight tanktop to an amish style dress. This resulted in the waitresses losing tips, and going over Carlene's head to her husband to get him to change the uniforms back so they could earn a living again.

And no, I'm not telling y'all every last detail, 'cause you really need to see the show for yourself to really appreciate the humor in it.


What I find kind of funny is that my Shawn Micheals muse has popped in for the first couple episodes of GCB. Why? Like his real life counterpart, he's a born again Christian, and vocal about it when he needs to be. Normally, this kind of show wouldn't appeal to him that much, but it's probably appealing because it's set in Texas.

In other muse news, wound up getting Janos some nail polish while mom and I were in Target today. Right now, he's rocking NYC's Cashmere Creme, and it looks damn good on him. Also have NYC's Empire State Blue and Purple Pizzazz, Sally Hansen's Black Out and Celeb City, and another color from Nicole that I don't remember the name of off hand. Thankfully, he asked if he could have some instead of just subtly demanding like Jeff or Shannon would.


Yup, I'm posting more!! First off is my man, Drew McIntyre versus Justin Gabriel!

Nect is Drew venting.

And of course, Drew's Entrance theme!

And for something slightly different! Kevin Nash versus Santino Marella.

And now for something completely different!!!! 

Toby Keith's video for Red Solo Cup! This song is a pretty good way to get me giggling my ass off whenever I hear even the opening banjo part. (Toby) Sadly... So not joking on that.

Toby's As Good as I Once Was. Love, love, love this video!

Anyway, I'll catch y'all later, bitches!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

military fail


Hm. Neglecting the blog again. *sigh* Though, last night was a result of musical teardown induced tiredness combined with having to get up at 5 am to shower and get in to open up work for the local Elks Club Soccer Shoot-Out. Why they gotta have it at my work... *sigh* Oh well. It's over-time at least.

Have the one side of the blankie done, thankfully. Don't have current pictures of it right now, though.

Other things
Two of my muses had fun getting me to buy them CDs in Walmart after work. Blackheart saw two Adam Lambert CDs he liked and Puss in Booted me into buying them, even though I was looking for JLo's Love CD for Janos. Wound up buying that and Adam's CDs 'cause really... I'd rather not piss those three off. Not when they can kick my ass.

Anyway, got Adam's Beg for Mercy and For Your Entertainment cds for Blackie, and JLo's Love? CD for Janos, since Blackie and Adam have claimed If I Had You when they mated, and Janos loves adores JLo's Papi.

Corset photos.
Yes, this is me, and I'm wearing a corset.
I took this at work since
 that's about the only place
with a decent mirror.

Another piccy.
Slightly crappier.
I bought my corset from Orchard Corsets and I rather like it. I'm still getting used to the whole not being able to really bend a lot in a corset bit, but oh my god, it's comfortable as heck! And it really helps with work-related backpain, too, which is a big plus in my book, since I usually wind up with a bit of it thanks to lifting/lowering really full-arsed trash barrels off the dock and having to move desks into a straight line to clean them and open up enough space in the rows to vacuum/sweep the floor. In my opinion, it's so worth the $$$ I paid for it, and I fully intend to wear it as much as possible, and invest in a few that I wouldn't mind wearing to work.

Now... Just for the heck of it...\

First up is Adam's If I Had You video. I love his outfits in this video. Especially the jacket with the spikes on the shoulders. And his boots!!! And the beat's so damn catchy... Damn him for being so hot...

Yet another Adam Lambert song. This one's For Your Entertainment, and what initially had Blackie noticing Adam. Personally... I want his freakin' jacket. Yes. I have a thing for Adam's jackets in his videos. So sue me.

A live version of For Your Entertainment. I so want that jacket, damnit!!!

Lastly, JLo's Papi. Janos has had this on repeat since Sam first heard it and sent us a video of it.

Anyway, I know this has been a long post, but it's to make up for the lack of posts this week. I'll catch you guys on the flipside!

Later, bitches!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knitting and TV shows

Ah, the ever fun belated monday post. Doncha just love them?

Have a picture of the baby blankie for y'all. Granted it's from last Friday, but it's about accurate in where I am on it right now. Kid's probably gonna be 20 by the time I'm done with it...
The white at the top's what I'm adding to lengthen it a little bit.

Close-up of the white.

In other knitting, the sock I've been working on off and on is just about finished. All I have left on it is to kitchner the toe together, then it's on to sock numero dos in the pair. Yay!

New TV shows I like
Have you heard of GCB? Seen the trailer? No? Clicky and watch the trailer below! I'll wait.

You're back? Good!
I watched this last night whilst knitting on said sock, and I couldn't stop laughing my ass butt off. It's about a woman to comes back to her hometown where she was the head mean bitch girl, and how she has to deal with the woman she harrassed during her highschool years.

Why do I like it? Three words: David. James. Elliot. I love this man! I've had a crush on him since I firts saw him in Jag when I was in... Elementary school in the 90s. Commander Rabb was so my guy back then. To be honest with y'all, I still carry a bit of a torch for him. And this show proves that he's aged very well.

Another reason I like it? It's set in freakin' TEXAS!!! How could you not like Texas? They've got smexy as hell accents, some damn fine looking men, and gorgeous horses.

And of course, there's this hunk. George Eads, who's currntly playing Nick Stokes on CSI. And omg... He should have a liscence to be that damn hot... Add in the Texan accent... Guh... Melted brain.

Anyway, I'm off to clean up the drool.

Later, bitches!