Friday, October 26, 2007


Looks like I've got a job!!! It's a full-time custodian position over at the local high school, evenings. Doesn't pay much starting out, but at least I get decent medical, dental and eyecare benefits. Yeah, it'll cut into my knitting and crocheting time, as well as my yarn lusting time, but at least I'll get money to pay for yarn, and not have to bug mom and dad for money. :D Yayness.

Now on to stuff I'd like to sell right now... If y'all know anyone who'd wear a women's XXLish poncho crocheted in Caron Simply Soft Country Blue and Light Country Blue, leave a comment with your contact info. Person with the best offer (money, yarn, chocolate, or any combination therof) gets it!

(Edited to fix a typo.)

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