Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yay summer...

      Well... It's that time of year again. The kids are out of school, the pool's open and full of screaming (and possibly peeing/pooping) folks, hot and sticky weather intersperced with thunderstorms,  and Indepence Day is right around the corner. And here at chez KatKnits, it also means the ever-fun, much complained about summer cleaning at work.

      What does summer cleaning entail? Both custodal crews from the middle schools being lumped together to clean both buildings, with four weeks at each. Why do I dread and loathe it? For the last five years, it's involved having to deal with 2 (occasionally 3 if Beffy's in a bad mood.) really freakin' difficult people who cause enough stress to give me migraines, and since last year, ten hour/four day weeks. Do my coworkers and I enjoy this? Hell. No. Are we ever going to get our boss to not lump us with Wilson? Nope. But are we going to deal with it the best we can? Yes, we are.

       Only upside to this year that I can see is that one of the difficult people I always dreaded having to deal with finally retired last October. *happydances* So, that's one less stresser for the migraines. However, we don't really know the temperment of the new head custodian, so we're a trifle curious about that. I just hope we avoid any drama this year. (Trust me, there's a story on that... Just don't feel like telling y'all right now.)

        Ok, comment or else time! What do you guys and girls look forward to most during the summer? Personally, I look forward to both being able to wear shorts just about no matter what, and Massey's milkshakes. Massey's on FaceBook My summer isn't really complete if I don't go there at least once! Trust me, if you're ever in the Carlisle, Pennsylvania area during the summer, go check them out. You won't regret it!

       And Random video time!!! I lurve this video!

What the heck is with Adam and having such kick ass jackets in his videos?!? I keep wanting to freakin' steal them... God, I'm so weird...

Love this song! And his expressions!!! *squees happily*

This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that's all for now.

Later, my freaks!!!

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