Goth and Alternative blogs and sites I like

I don't get to visit these as much as I do the webcomics, GhostVillage, or knitting blogs I visit, but they're always good for a refresher/ideas/reconnecting with the inner goth/alternative/whathaveyou.

For the Parents of Goths, Dumpster Dollie- Youtube!

ProTips for Babybats| It's Black Friday

Domesticated Goth

GIY: Goth It Yourself
   On hiatus for a bit, but still good to go get ideas from.

Plunder the Tombs
   Good for music recc's.

Scary Jane

The Everyday Goth

Vulcan Butterfly

Gothic Charm School
   Love, Love, Love this site. Perfect for those just getting into the Goth subculture, parents of goths, or those interested in the subculture.

LeahMouse on Youtube
Love her because she's funny, and she's got a few good videos up about goth stuff


Little Corp Goth Girl

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