Weight loss starters

I know it's hard to figure out how to get started losing the extra pounds/start your fitness journey, so, with the help of a few reddit subforums I subscribe to, I started compiling a list. The first few several will be subs, but they're always a good place to turn to if you're stumped on something or need support.

And as always, the obligatory advisement to consult your Primary Care Physician before starting a weight loss/fitness regime. Don't follow my unemployed DIY example.

On to the clickety-links!


Kitchen Privilege Looking for tasty, healthy recipes? Here's a good place to start!
Health resources
Need to eat cheap and healthy?
Interested in Keto?
WebMD's list-o-weight loss and diet stuff
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight
Healthy eating plan


Twerk fitness for beginners Yes... Yes, I had to go there. But it may work for you if you have fun dancing otherwise

Inexpensive equipment

Need music to exercise to?

Podrunner - Love these mixes. I ran across them 4-5 years back, and they quickly became a staple in even my work playlist.
8 Great Podcasts for indoor running - In case you're stuck getting your run on inside. 
Running music podcasts - Bing search Ironically, I found Podrunner through doing a search much like this.

Fitness podcasts

Fitness podcast search - Bing I honestly don't listen to many podcasts regularly outside of Penn's Sunday School and Chilling Tales, so I don't have any real sure-fire rec's on this. If you have any, feel free to leave your rec's in the comments, and I'll add with a credit to who submitted.

Calorie/exercise trackers

MyFitnessPal - I had this on the tablet and love it. I recommend it for tracking what you eat, but I've heard on the subreddit that the calorie tracking for activity level tends to run a bit high. 
Calorie trackers search - Bing I know not everyone will like MyFitnessPal, so here's a search for other options if MFP is too confusing/hard/whatever.

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