Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I posted last night about one of my favorite rants being kids being messy and generally lacking in proper social graces. Well, here's my general rant!

I work as a custodian in a public school on the 2:30 to 11pm shift, and I've noticed that compared to this time last year, the kids are messier. I'm not talking a few pieces of paper and a desk or two out of line, I'm talking litter all over the floors, more pen/pencil marks and paper/eraser bits left on the desks, and the desks all out of whack from where I had them the night before to get my vaccuum through.

It seems that parents and teachers don't want to take responsibilty for properly molding theis generation into people who give a schiesse about keeping things neat. I've noticed that, except for maybe two or three teachers at work, ours think it's not their responsiblity to take a few minutes at the end of class to have the kids pick up the trash off the floor and straighten up the desks. Why? Probably because they think 'Oh, it's the custodian's job to do that.' Yes it is, but it's also common courtesy to leave it presentable for the next group of students coming into the classroom.

Also, since we've had the trailer classrooms added to our area to clean, we've had to rush through our other rooms to be able to get to them before 11 with enough time to clean them. So, we don't appreciate having to spend an extra half hour scrubbing every desk and straightening out the rows enough to manuver a vacuum through them. Of course, we usually wind up having to do that in several classrooms anyway.

And the kids running around in stores... Folks, the store employees aren't there to make sure little Johnny or little Jane doesn't get hurt. That is completely your responsiblity to keep an eye on your kids and keep them out of the other shoppers' way. Your baby crying? Find out why! They depend on you for everything, they aren't crying just for attention. Don't believe me? Read Steph's blog on the matter! It's in her September Archives, under Worms and a Can Opener.

Anyway, I could probably go on, but I'd just be repeating myself. And that can get kinda boring, y'know? I'll see y'all later, folks. Hopefully a lot s0oner than nearly a year, eh?

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Savage Samwise said...

That's because parents don't teach their kids no f*ckin manners! They're all spoiled, if you ask me...