Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy cow...

Wow. I reeeeally need to update this poor blog more...

Hm. Nothing majorly important is going on in my daily life. Well, aside from the current crop of 6th graders bein' messy little buggers. But that's a rant for another day, trust me. And don't get me started on the trailers that currently house our foreign language and Health classes... Or the new Spanish and Health teachers... Those are definitely rants for another day.

Knitwise... I finally got around to teaching myself how to knit socks. Finished my first on Saturday, Hallelujah. And I'm currently working on several projects... One of which is a prayer shawl for one of the teaachers at work who recetnly lost her brother to cancer. Nasty schiesse, but he's no longer in pain, or on morphine. And he at least died at home. Yarn is Cascade 220 heathers, the purple one. Don't have the ballband in front of me to give you the exact colorway, but that happens. Darn gorgeous yarn, and it works up even better. And it's soft as heck!!!

Yet another is a blanket/shawl/lapblanket bit. Been working on that since... Hm. I don't remember, but I think it might've been sometime in May or April I cast that on. It's Threads & Loops yarn. Don't have the band in front of me, but I'm pretty certain it's the royal umber or jewel umber. Something like that. Lovely yarn, had the last skein pool rather odd, but I'm sure the person I'm knitting it for will like it.

Have a scarf in the works for me in Paton's Classic Wool, Jade Heather. God, that's gorgeous yarn, and so soft... Can't wait til I have it fully made up... May knit a hat to match. But all I know is I want to make sure this scarf is nice and long. I sadly have a bit of a thing for nice long scarves. They have to be almost as long as I am tall for me to be happy with it. Don't know why, but oh well.

Have tow pairs of mitlets (Mittens without the annoying over the fingers bit. At least that bit's annoying to me. I'm a diehard glove person.*) on the dpns for me and mom... They're in Amazing yarn. Think that's lion brand, but I could be wrong. (*That happens alot. I don't mind so much anymore.*) Lovely yarn, just have to finish knitting the mate to mine, and knit up both of mom's. Yes, I sadly have a bit of a problem with knitting commitment... *sigh* Oh well...

Well, until later, lovlies!!! (Hopefully not nearly a year later...*)

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