Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog abandonment...

   Hm... Been posting more over on Pack's tale. Sorry I didn't post for so long on either though. Was having computer problems. Namely an old ass operating system and not enough ram or something to upgrade... Still on dial up net, though. *insert banging head on wall here* Oh well. Long as I've got a net connection, I'm good.

Knitting projects
   Have two on the needles that are semi-commisioned. Both are just a basic 2x2x2 Rib and mesh stitch scarves in Patons Lace. One's in Bonfire for one of the teachers at work because she happened to see a shawl out of it I'm knitting and loved the colourway, and the other's for a coworker to knitgift to one of her daughters, and that's in Woodrose. It's gorgeous yarn, with a nice soft halo from the 10% mohair content. And it's so soft... Probably why Jo's tomboy daughter grabbed the first woodrose meshy scarf I sold her... Don't blame her. That shawl I'm knitting is so mine!
   Have some Patons Lace in Vintage *read: white* that just may be destined for a baby blankie. Jo knows someone who'd due in mid January, so she just may wind up passing along a lil knitgifted blankie for the little one. Though, I'll have to pick up a few more balls for it. Hm... Now to pick out a pattern/stitch for it and pick up needles for it too... *insert evil laughter here*

   Haven't really watched any wrestling all summer... Not since Smackdown moved back to SyFy. And work... Is a no go since Comcast requires a converterthingy for channels over 15. *sigh* Oh well... Least I can get updates off Sam!! And the WWE website, too.

Well, I'll talk atchall later! And remember, clicky  the ads! They help support knitters!


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