Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hm. Neglecting the blog again. *sigh* Though, last night was a result of musical teardown induced tiredness combined with having to get up at 5 am to shower and get in to open up work for the local Elks Club Soccer Shoot-Out. Why they gotta have it at my work... *sigh* Oh well. It's over-time at least.

Have the one side of the blankie done, thankfully. Don't have current pictures of it right now, though.

Other things
Two of my muses had fun getting me to buy them CDs in Walmart after work. Blackheart saw two Adam Lambert CDs he liked and Puss in Booted me into buying them, even though I was looking for JLo's Love CD for Janos. Wound up buying that and Adam's CDs 'cause really... I'd rather not piss those three off. Not when they can kick my ass.

Anyway, got Adam's Beg for Mercy and For Your Entertainment cds for Blackie, and JLo's Love? CD for Janos, since Blackie and Adam have claimed If I Had You when they mated, and Janos loves adores JLo's Papi.

Corset photos.
Yes, this is me, and I'm wearing a corset.
I took this at work since
 that's about the only place
with a decent mirror.

Another piccy.
Slightly crappier.
I bought my corset from Orchard Corsets and I rather like it. I'm still getting used to the whole not being able to really bend a lot in a corset bit, but oh my god, it's comfortable as heck! And it really helps with work-related backpain, too, which is a big plus in my book, since I usually wind up with a bit of it thanks to lifting/lowering really full-arsed trash barrels off the dock and having to move desks into a straight line to clean them and open up enough space in the rows to vacuum/sweep the floor. In my opinion, it's so worth the $$$ I paid for it, and I fully intend to wear it as much as possible, and invest in a few that I wouldn't mind wearing to work.

Now... Just for the heck of it...\

First up is Adam's If I Had You video. I love his outfits in this video. Especially the jacket with the spikes on the shoulders. And his boots!!! And the beat's so damn catchy... Damn him for being so hot...

Yet another Adam Lambert song. This one's For Your Entertainment, and what initially had Blackie noticing Adam. Personally... I want his freakin' jacket. Yes. I have a thing for Adam's jackets in his videos. So sue me.

A live version of For Your Entertainment. I so want that jacket, damnit!!!

Lastly, JLo's Papi. Janos has had this on repeat since Sam first heard it and sent us a video of it.

Anyway, I know this has been a long post, but it's to make up for the lack of posts this week. I'll catch you guys on the flipside!

Later, bitches!

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