Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knitting and TV shows

Ah, the ever fun belated monday post. Doncha just love them?

Have a picture of the baby blankie for y'all. Granted it's from last Friday, but it's about accurate in where I am on it right now. Kid's probably gonna be 20 by the time I'm done with it...
The white at the top's what I'm adding to lengthen it a little bit.

Close-up of the white.

In other knitting, the sock I've been working on off and on is just about finished. All I have left on it is to kitchner the toe together, then it's on to sock numero dos in the pair. Yay!

New TV shows I like
Have you heard of GCB? Seen the trailer? No? Clicky and watch the trailer below! I'll wait.

You're back? Good!
I watched this last night whilst knitting on said sock, and I couldn't stop laughing my ass butt off. It's about a woman to comes back to her hometown where she was the head mean bitch girl, and how she has to deal with the woman she harrassed during her highschool years.

Why do I like it? Three words: David. James. Elliot. I love this man! I've had a crush on him since I firts saw him in Jag when I was in... Elementary school in the 90s. Commander Rabb was so my guy back then. To be honest with y'all, I still carry a bit of a torch for him. And this show proves that he's aged very well.

Another reason I like it? It's set in freakin' TEXAS!!! How could you not like Texas? They've got smexy as hell accents, some damn fine looking men, and gorgeous horses.

And of course, there's this hunk. George Eads, who's currntly playing Nick Stokes on CSI. And omg... He should have a liscence to be that damn hot... Add in the Texan accent... Guh... Melted brain.

Anyway, I'm off to clean up the drool.

Later, bitches!


Rio Donovoyn said...

Oh sweet God. That part about the license to be that damn hot. Haha. Classic.

Kat Knits! said...

Well hell, he needs it! *drooling*