Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photos, projects and conundrums.

       Hm... I really don't post too much, do I?

Projects and conundrums


       So far, I've managed to make two fingerless mitts, both left-handed. Don't have  pictures of them as yet, but I should hopefully have them up within the next couple of days. One set of mitts I'm working on is for mom, since her hands get cold ridiculously easily, especially when she's at work in the Army War College Commissary. The other set is one a coworker of mine asked that I make for her daughter who drives a bus, plus she asked if I could make slipper socks for both of her daughters.

      I've also got a cabled wrap on the needles for Mom and I when we're sitting downstairs at the computer so we don't have to jack the heat up and waste heating oil. Again, don't have pictures of that, but I'll have to try to get some within the next couple of days, even if I drag it to work with me.

       I also have a loom knit scarf that I'm making for myself that I've nicknamed smooshy, and a couple pairs of socks that need finished. I've already finished one sock in one of the pairs, and have the mate to it well on its way to being finished. The other... I'm still on the first sock, and I started that back in... June. My only excuse is that the sock spurred a couple of the summer help kids to ask for hand knit items. Yay for the power of knitting as advertisement, eh?


       As I said up above, one of my coworkers asked for items for her daughters, and said she'd be willing to pay fairly. My qualms? Even using purely stash yarn (of which, I have plenty.), for the mitts, assuming they'd take me about 7 hours to make, they would wind up costing $47. And the socks, assuming about 16 hours per pair would cost $112. This is assuming I'm paying myself $7 an hour of course. All told, her commission would wind up costing $271. Would anyone in their right mind be willing to pay that much for hand knit items, no matter how well made they are? Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated, dear readers.

On to the photos!

       I don't think I've mentioned that my work is being renovated at the moment, but it is. I've got a few photos of the seventh grade corridor. Don't have any yet of the combined 7th and 8th grade corridor yet, so I'll show you the seventh for now.

The main corridor for seventh grade

One of the classrooms
       I've also got a few of my neighborhood coming into mid-Autumn.

       Well, that's all for now, dearies. I'll be back sometime this coming week with pictures of the projects mentioned above.

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Rio Donovoyn said...

I think that it's reasonable. To pay for materials and what not, and not to mention the time and effort you would be putting in.

So YES! lol. Perfectly resonable!