Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

I hope you all take some time to remember our veterans and those who gave their lives in service. I know of a few folks in my family, both mom's and dad's side, who served in and after WWII.

On dad's side, Granddad was part of the Occupational Forces in Japan and taught Japanese in Korea. Sooner or later, I'll have to get in touch with Uncle Craig to get the full history about his side of the family.

Below, I asked mom to write about her family:

Hi, I'm Kat's mom. I had four uncles, three of which served in WW II. Uncles Jim and Eugene were in the Marine Corps in the South Pacific. Uncle Jim was with the first group of Marines that landed on Guadalcanal. Uncle Eugene was with the second landing and they ran into each other. They both survived. Jim was career Marine, met his future wife while in the Korean War. She was a nurse, I think. And it might have been when he was sent home. He never went back to  Long Island, lived in Orange County, Calif.  Eugene served his time in the Corp and went home to Long Island, got married etc, etc . Uncle Bob was in the Seabees during the War. After the War, he went home to Long Island. Uncle Tom never served, remember the movie "Saving Private Ryan"?  I don't what my dad did. He might not have been old enough.
That's all for now, and I'll leave y'all with this reminder: Today is not all about hot sales, it's about remembering those who fought and died for us.

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