Sunday, June 1, 2014

Of idiots and their obsession with computers of their own, and a business idea

Bruce finally has his own computer!

Yes, y'all read that right.

Asshat got his computer this past week. Granted it's a reconditioned one from our Internet provider, but it shut his ass up about wanting one. Though, he nearly drove Mom and me crazy when she installed anti-virus and Internet security programs on it because it took damn near forever to download for him. No, we don't have dial-up anymore since we switched to wireless. Still say we need faster, but that'll be when we price it and agree to how the bills will be split.

Business idea

I've been kicking the idea of a local shop catering to people in the Goth subculture in my area/town for a bit. Mainly handcrafted things from crafters in the area, possibly with a few commercially made items. I do know that there are a few younger Goths where I work, but don't necessarily know how widespread the subculture is in Carlisle. I'm pretty sure that there's enough in south central Pennsylvania to support a Hot Topic over in the Capital City Mall, though. But I know I don't always like having to drive 20-40 minutes over to Shiremanstown just for one or two stores, when we could probably support a similar store in town and support local artists/crafters in the process. But we'll see how that goes.

And don't forget to let me know what y'all think in the comments! Please?


autumnbelle said...

Do you have an antique mall or something in your town? Where you could rent a booth rather than having to support an entire store? Could totally sell crafts and resell items - Goth theme and all.

Katherine Devonshire said...

Belle, we've got three that I can think of right off the bat. The one a couple blocks over usually has at least a couple booths open, but I'd have to see if they're being rented out and the people have the items at a big antique sale and what the policy is on selling more recently handcrafted items. The other I haven't been to in... A year, year and a half, so I'll have to go see what the sitch is there. And the third, Mom and I've been wanting to check out anyway, so this'll be a damn good excuse to go see what that one's like.