Thursday, April 2, 2015


Well, we custodians got fragged. Because of the budget deficit the school district is facing, we're being let go as of June 5th, 2015 in favor of contractors. They did offer the option of applying to the companies they're using, but the hours would be switched from the 9:30 am- 6 pm to 9:30pm to 6 am. Sorry, homie don't do those hours. I may be a night owl, but not that much of a night owl. Right now, I'm seriously considering applying to Michael's, Hancock Fabrics (which we finally got in town about a month ago.), Giant or Weis. Y'know, places that are close, I know, and I like. I'll see what happens. Here's an article the local paper ran yesterday on it. Suppose I'll be telling the teachers when we come off Easter break on Tuesday. Gena and Gary have already started telling some of their teachers, and it appears not all of them read the paper Wednesday. This... is going to be an interesting couple of months.


Rio Donovoyn said...

Bummer! That sucks.
I would totally take the 9pm-6am job (Right?). I'm up that late anyways sometimes!
You like crafts, I think you'd really enjoy working at Michaels or a craft shop. Does your place have a Hobby Lobby?

Katherine Devonshire said...

Eh, not so hip on the Hobby Lobby because of the owners' religious idiocy. We do have a Michaels and Hancock Fabric store, and JoAnn as well. Though, the Joann is in a lousy location right now, since it's in a mall that's been pretty much killed off by the Lowe's that took half the mall several years ago.