Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just.. Blagh.

Well, hello there!

Long time, no real update. 

Well, not counting the updates on mom, but there is a tiny bit I'll be putting a tiny update on her and the whole booby bit at the end... I'm still looking for a job, knitting to not wind up with a skull splitting migraine, and considering starting a vlog. Yup, I said it.

I may start a vlog.

Why? Because I honestly would like to share what I'm doing outside of just the blog here, and I've got a couple vloggers (LeahMouse for one, and Matt Santoro's vlog) that I really get inspired by. I'm probably going to swipe the laptop back from mom for vlogging purposes til I get the moolah together for a proper home vlogging laptop and camcorder for outside the house. (I've already got my eye on a Samsung in Walass that's fairly inexpensive for the second part of the vlogging experience.) Outside of the vlog, I'm going to get a new bed and mattress as well.


I've had a futon from Target for the last... Nine or ten months, and good golly Miss Molly, the mofo's worn out as fuck, even with a decent mattress pad on it. I'm currently looking at this loft bed from Walass to replace it. I like it because hey, it'll free up valuable floor space, and I reeeeeally don't like twin beds that much any more, mainly because I tend to end up on my right side even after going to sleep on my left, and have been randomly waking up at various points in the night lately. As for the whole opening up floor space, I've blogged here before about the house having only one proper bedroom, and my 'sleeping area' being the room right outside the folks' bedroom... Well, I'd like to get my dresser out of the way to free up some walking space. As for getting me some privacy, mom and I were looking at these bamboo porch curtain things over at Lowe's a while  back, and agreed they'd actually be pretty nice for giving me some privacy and still allow for air circulation. Plus, they just look cool.

On to Mom!

She's gotten almost all set for her radiation treatments to start. She just has to wait til October to get her bone density scan for the drug her radiologist wants to put her on, which kinda sucks monkey butt. Good thing though was that the tumor they found was about.. .4 mm, really slow growing, and hadn't even made it to the lymph channels according to Dr. Lee. But it was feeding off the estrogen Mom's muscles and fat were making, so she'll have to get drugs to suppress any further absorption in future tumors.

Anyway, that's all for now! Tchuss!

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