Sunday, December 30, 2007


Or at least, my sinuses are mostly plugged up, and I'm sneezing fit to beat the band at this point. Not a pleasant experience, lemme tell ya.

And it looks like Blogger's still being an arse. It's still forgetting my damn email addy after a week of me not signing in. Idiots...

Had a yarny falling down in Ollie's Bargain store on Friday. Bought six skeins of Lion Brand's Moonlight Mohair (Can't remember which colours off-hand, plus the bag's not in front of me), and two of Red Heart Symphony in Persimmon. Quite soft and even more so worked up, and absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

Have a couple projects on the needles. One's a basketweave shawl-type bit for mom in TLC Baby yarn (Darned if I can remember the brand off the top of my head...), and the other's a basketweave scarf in the Symphony. Yeah, just a bit obsessed with basketweave atm... But meh. Least it's one more stitch that I've mastered. For the time being anyway...

Tchüss for now!

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