Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stuff for sale and a definate need for a computer of my own.

I've got stuff for sale!!! Just remembered that I made this stuff up ahile back, and since CALC (Carlisle Arts Learning Center) didn't think they could sell 'em, I'll try through my blog.

The products:
  • 1 skinnyish crocheted white fuzzy scarf
  • 1 cotton string bag in Sugar'n'Cream Pool, small
  • 2 granny square wash/dishcloths, Sugar'n'Cream yarn
  • 2 small knit cotton washcloths, Sugar'n'cream yarn
  • 1 crocheted hot green cotton dishcloth, Sugar'n'Cream yarn
  • 2 basketweave knit washcloths, bernat (I think...) CottonTot yarn

That's it for the crocheted/knitted stuff for sale for the time being.

In other news, I've got to either find or save up for a computer of my own. As it is, I'm using my parents' computer, and don't always have access to it... If anyone has any suggestions for a decent computer, PLEASE let me know!!!

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