Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shringing concussions

This has been one heckuva week so far...

Monday, accidently shrunk some of Mom's clothing in the dryer at the Laundromat... She's not killed me yet. Though, she does need some new clothing... (Yes, she admitted it herself. She hasn't bought a new bra in years!!!)

Then yesterday, got bonked on the head by a drill we use at work to raise and lower the freakin' basketball hoops. (Yes, I got medical attention) This is apperently the third time someone's gotten injured doing something in the gym. (Once was Clara breaking her wrist after getting bonked on the head by the *&^% drill thingy and falling off the ladder, the other was a dude who worked there doing something or other, I forget what... And yeah, the forgetfullness is semi normal for me. Relax!!!) But yeah... Taking off today because there ain't no way in hell I'm gonna risk goin' in, and passing out where I won't be found readily.

So hope nothing else goes wrong... (Now watch, I'll break my leg or something)

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