Monday, May 18, 2009

In which I watch some WWE Raw for the first time in... too long.

Well, finally got a chance to sit down and watch some wrestling tonight. Best part was "Santina" Marella getting "her' ass handed to her by both Chavo Guerrero and William Regal. Gawd, it's freakin' obvious that "Santina" is realy Santino Marella, which made it all the funnier, in my opinion... 'Course, it's also my opinion that Santino's only in the WWE for comedic value, 'cause from what I've seen of the dude, he can't wrestle worth two shits. But again, that's my opinion, and I've really only been a fan for less than a year.

Is is just me or is Matt Hardy a damn hot heel? Too bad his jealousy over his bro's Seemingly having more fans, and aggravation at having to watch Jeff's back spurred it this time around. Dude, if you're reading this and Creative isn't all behind this storyline (both of which I doubt, to differing degrees), 1) you do have fans. We may not be as vocal, or hell, as noticable as Skittlebutt's, but we love ya all the same. 2) Jeff's the only bro you're gonna get. You may not like how popular he seems to be, but he's still your blood. It's as simple as that, hon.

Does anyone 'sides me knit/crochet/do something crafty or creative while watching wrestling? I can't be the only one who does that... No, seriously, I can't be! If I am, I'm scared of what that means about my sanity...

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