Saturday, May 16, 2009

lack of posts... again.

Hm...Been awhile since I last posted on here... Sorry 'bout that.

Not much has been going on in my life to really blog about. Recently got my ears re pierced, had the 8th grade formal at work*, and saw the Star Trek movie.

The star trek movie rocks, even for someone who got introduced to the original series when it was airing in syndication. The plot was fairly believable, and the CGI... Oh. My. God. That totally helped make the movie. The way they managed to work some of the mannerisms from TOS characters in was totally kickarse and hilarious. And Nero.... Good lord, a villain should NOT be that damn sexy! *sigh* And Leonard Nemoy... He looks damn good for his age! *heh* And both times I went to see it, applause broke out at the end as the credits were rolling. First time that's happened at a movie I've gone to... Yes, y'all should definitely go see it.

* The 8th Grade Formal is basically the prom for the middle school set in my area. The kids (and teachers chaperoning the event) get all dressed up, there's a DJ, and parents bring in food and drinks, and the cafeteria is set up so there's a dance floor area ringed by tables, and a place to take pictures. Plus there's a disco ball spinning around. Yes, a disco ball. Y'all read that right.

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