Saturday, October 29, 2011


Okay, seriously?!? Snow before freakin' Halloween?!? How much crazier can Mama Nature be?!?

Just kidding up there... Don't send any more snow this way. Please? Pretty please?

And obviously, the kid at Mom's work returned my camera. Yay!
Although.... In knitnews, got some knitting done on the baby blankie I'm knitting for Jo's granddaughter. (Yeah... Not niece, like I'd thought last post... Oh well.)

It's about 9 cm of moss stitch and several rows of stocking stitch right now, but it's better than nothing. Especially since I'd rather be working on the wrap.

In other news, I've also had to start seriously making inroads on cleaning out some of the carp in my bedroom. If only to keep myself sane and keep from tripping over stuff...
Yes, that's a bit of knitting on the bedframe...

Hm... Mucho need to clean, eh?
And yes, there's WWE action figures on the desk.
Y'all caught me.
Oh lookie, more plants! And the other half of the bedframe!
And no, tis not I who's the plant freak.
Tis my mom who is. Thank her.

Oh well. I'm off for now to grab a rather latish dinner of Mac'n'cheese with tuna and sweet corn with a side of manderin oranges and Dr Pepper to wash it all down. Then back off to clean some more. Yippee!


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