Sunday, April 15, 2012


Wow, two posts in a row... Miracle? Possibly! (Or inner knitter being a pain in the rearend about updating...)

I've got more pictures!!!
Some of a cemetary near me, and a couple of 'Belle's shawl out on the front porch on a rather nice evening!

Picture of a flowering tree (Redbud, maybe? I'm sure one of you folks'll know.) in the cemetary.
Yes, that's a building in the background.
It's the back of the OfficeMax across the street from the cemetary. 

Another flowering tree in the cemetary.

Different shot of the tree above that mom (I think.) took.

I'm pretty sure mom took this too.

Side shot of 'Belle's shawl, with candles sitting on the railing to provide more light.
Kinda blurry...

Better picture of the shawl, and a tad further away...
Yes, I have a thing for candles.

And now for something different!
A little shuffling.

Hope these pics inspire you to knit more! Or dance! Whichever works for me!

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