Sunday, September 27, 2015

Randee's crochet

·        Created after having a FB conversation with a friend who lost use of left hand
·        May not work for everyone, but can be jiggered with to suit viewers' particular needs
·        If new to crochet, start with a large hook and thick yarn
·        Yarn used here is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Fig
·        Create slipknot, leaving a six inch tail (tail will come in handy during the initial chain)
·        Holding slipknot on hook, loop the yarn coming from yarn around wrist and pin tail between body and forearm
·        Wrap yarn around hook and pull through slipknot, repeat for however many loops you want, plus one for the turning stitch
·        Skipping the stitch right next to the hook (not the one on the hook), use the pointer finger on the hand holding the hook to work the 'bump'  of yarn over the hook, catch the yarn and bring it through the bump
·        Leaving the two loops on the hook, catch the yarn again and bring through both loops
·        Repeat this til you have a finished row
·        Flip the fabric around and pin the end against your body and make a loop to take you up to next row
·        Use index finger to slip the hook under the two bars forming the top of the stitch on the row below, catch yarn and bring through
·        As with the row below, catch the yarn and pull a loop through both loops still on the hook
·        Repeat to the end of the row
·        Once what you're making is long enough, make a knot at the end of the row and weave in ends

I'll provide pictures a little later on when mom has her camera and we have the time to take step by step photos for the blog. Hopefully, this'll help if the video left you confused as hell. 

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