Sunday, July 3, 2016

More Chainmaille jewelry!

      I mentioned in my last non-video post that I'm teaching myself how to make chainmalle now, and whaddya know? I've got two non-practice pieces down! I finished the first, a chainmaille bib type, on Friday night, and the second, a charmed bracelet, on Saturday morning.

Pentagram bib

Yes, the top folding over is semi-deliberate.
And the tee is an old LMFAO one that I found on clearance at Hot Topic.

       Holy bugger... This project took roughly 6 1/2 432 count packs of the silver jump rings and 1 144 pack of the darker, and took about... 13-15 hours total to construct. The Pentagram charm is from an orphan earring I had hanging around in the jewelry stash. I'm currently planning on adding some (possibly dark) red crystals or beads down near the pendant, and some grey/black crystals or beads closer to the top. So, don't be surprised if this makes further appearances in the blog.

Charmed bracelet

       This... was a spur-of-the-moment project I started after I'd finished the pentagram necklace Friday night, because hey, large project finally done! I'm currently not sure if I'm going to keep this or sell it somewhere.
       And of course, me being me, I had a couple knitting projects going on in the background, but those deserve a blog post all to themselves.


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