Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOs, UFOs, and projects in the plotting

Well... Finished the shawl I was knitting for Peggy Weakland on Sunday around 3pm. It's washed and already been given on Monday. Good news is that she loves it, and espescially the colour. She doesn't mind that it's wool, thankfully. And she can appreciate the hours that went into it, since she crocheted. Okay, so it was 25 years ago, and she admitted that she's forgotten how (Watch out, Peggy. That spurred the missionary crocheter to want to gift you yarn and a teach yourself to crochet book and hooks!*), but still. Crocheter.

Still have a couple several UFOs on the needles... A couple of socks, and a blankie for Sa5mwise... The blankie's the one I've been lugging to work to knit on when I have a chance to... Though, the poor thing did get a couple rows done at home before work today. Just trying to make it long enough to at least wrap around me or mom... with plenty of overlap. Preferably about a foot... If my sanity can hold out that long...
Still need to finish/work on the mate to my mom's sock... Poor things been languishing in knitting basket hell since I started the shawl... And the sock for me... Which I need to finish and knit up the mate to. *sigh*

Plotting a buttoned shawl bit for mom for work. Since she's a cashier in the commissary on the Army War College (aka Post), she tends to be stuck by the doors, which can be dang miserable in wintertime. *sigh* Fun, fun, fun. Oh well.

*Edited to correct name. *sigh* Happens, y'know...*

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