Saturday, January 1, 2011



However long our days are, I'm sure we'll find a way to fill them with excitement every step of the way. And to be completely honest, I know I don't say I love you nearly enough, even when you're giving me a hard time. Especially then.

I love your wildness, your brashness, your bluntness and your honesty. I love you wold and weird. I don't care that you have a cursing problem, 'cause it only makes life more interesting. I'd sooner see you fight to the end than as some wimpy, preppy daddy's girl. I wouldn't ask you to sacrifice your honor or your pride, and I don't care how big your ego is, I'll still love you. I love when you're just hanging out with the guys and they completely forget you're the lone female in the room, and I love your sarcastic edge.

I want you to rock my world, Darlin'. I'll follow you wherever you want to lead. And
I think this old dog will surprise you with some of the shit that will turn him on.

Let the games begin, I've chosen my partner and it's you, Sam.


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