Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution update

Well... Some progress has been made on NY's resolutions 1 & 2. Number three is a work in progress. I've got a bit of a plan worked out where I'll give myself a cheat day on Saturdays, so I'm not freaking out completely over it, and start out slow.

Have some of the crud on the main part of the floor semi sorted out. Actually have a bagging system going on that. One (largish) bag for books, a (smaller) one for candles, a borough trash back for the obvious trash, and a plastic shopping bag for stuff that migrated to my room from my parents' room, and a hamper for my dirty laundry. So far today, didn't make much progress, mainly because I was more than a little tired from staying up til about 6:30ish am, IMing with Sam and getting woken up at about 10:30ish by my mom pestering me. Right now, my main focus is the main part of the floor (the area that isn't covered by my bed, chest of drawers, plastic chest of drawers, bedside table, bookcases, and antique sewing table). That way, when I pull the crud out from under those areas, it won't be as overwhelming. Well, the main area is, but that, I'm taking day by day. Little bit easier that way.

Did make some progress on one of the scarves I'm knitting. Got about 10 rows done while I was watching Sorcerer's Apprentice on DVD with Mom. So, that's a little towards that goal. Also, got all my UFOs sorted into one basket, finally.

That's about all I have to post about for now. Ciao for now.

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