Saturday, February 4, 2012

I've got pictures!!!

Well, I got hold of Ashley right after the kids were dismissed at work and got pictures of her wearing the cabled shawl! Now without further ado!

Yes, the top's ribbed, so it'll wrap around her neck like it does, and not have the main body up around her neck. It also goes down each side and down through the tail. Yes, I said it, tail. That's kinda what it looks like. Thankfully, it's warm enough! *happydances*

And yes, I made the lil pin adorning it, too! (Hah! Semi-multi-talented! Bet y'all never saw that comin'! (Hunt muse) Don't mind her too much, folks. She's just really happy it's Friday night.) Here's a couple pics that Ashley took of it. (Thank you, Ashley!)

...Or not. It's not showing up on my computer, even though I know I saved it. *smacks said comuter* Well, I'll have to try again tomorrow. But trust me, her pics of the pin are way more awesome than mine. (Hunt muse) 'Course they are. She's got a better camera. (Me) Obviously.  Yes folks, one of my muses just made his blog debut!

I'll introduce Hunter properly tomorrow, when I'm not quite so nuts from work. (Hunt) Like she's ever truly not nuts from work (Me) Hey!

Yes, that's my Hunter muse... Do not mess with Trips. He's got a sledgehammer and he knows how to use it!

Anyway, catch y'all later!


Rio Donovoyn said...

But he's all sexy with sledgy! *pouts* You may not mess with him, but I doooooooo!!!

You should have Mark do his blog debut.

Kat Knits! said...

lol Oh I know you do!

Hm, I should. *cackles evilly*

Rio Donovoyn said...

Dooooooooooo it!