Sunday, March 30, 2014


How the time does fly by sometimes. And not always in the fun way...

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So far, I've semi-managed to stay on-diet, with some detours, which I'm not gonna waste the energy to beat myself up over because it isn't worth it at all. It's actually helped some, since I've manage to lose about 10 and a half pounds as of my last doctor's appointment. Yay!

On that front, I actually went about my migraine headaches, since I've been getting a few more than my normal, and had my bosses on my arse about going to get them taken care of. And I apparently wound up with a few more migraine symptoms lately (namely being: More confused than normal, no concentration (and not being tied to the preexisting ADD), and dizziness.) which are soooo much fun. Not. My major trigger for the nasty f***ers is being stressed all to hell, and I've been dealing with more than enough lately with the renovation ish at work, my coworkers and my areas being shifted around with little notice, and the fact we don't know exactly when/if we're going to get fired and replaced with contractors. Also, Dad is still being his drama queen stupid self... Add this shit together, and it's really no surprise about the migraines. Anyway... The doc put me on anti-depressants to at least reduce the reaction to the stress and reduce the number of migraines. So far, they've helped. Although, I'm also a tad more hyper on them. Don't mind that all that much, since I tend to use that extra energy to do my area.

Anyway, that's all for now. Catch you sometime soon!

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Rio Donovoyn said...

At least you're being hyper and not tired all the time. Maybe try drinking tea or something with caffeine to (maybe) help with your migraines.

The renovations will be over soon! :)

Hang in there, doll!