Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rant, again.

I can't fucking take arsehat anymore. We've lost two cats within the last... two or three weeks, one of whom was because he threw her after getting pissed off at her going for the other's throat. And I don't mean a light throw, I mean a full-on, hit the other wall with a thud throw. She disappeared, and wound up dying three or four days later because he can't keep a damn lid on his fucking temper. I admit to having one, but it takes a helluva lot (outside of jackass) to trigger it, plus I'm a receptive empathy with really sucky shielding. So, when he starts pulling his shit, I'll  usually find my temper getting worse, and best indicator of how bad it is is how much I'm cursing like a fuckin' pirate. I curse some normally, but as my temper gets worse, so does the cursing.

What's pissing me off now is that we have another kitty who likely isn't going to survive the night, and mom told asshole to go get a can of liquid cat nourishment stuff while she was at work. Did he get it? Nope. Now she's really doing bad, and he's pulling his stupid shit. Mom's trying to take care of Sadie and make sure he eats, and it's just stressful as fuck.

On a semi-related note, he wound up rescheduling his doctors appointment from the 7th to the 21st, which meant I had to take another fucking vacation day. And mom and I are going in with him so we can tell his doctor what exactly is going on with him. The way he's acting, he just may be either Hypoglycemic or diabetic. Either one wouldn't surprise me one fucking bit.

Anyway, I know I haven't had much to post besides ranting on asswhore lately, but I need to rant to someone other than Mom (she deals with him too.), or to my coworkers (They don't live with him.), but I've gotta get it out or I'm going to get a shit ton more migraines, and I don't like those any more than I like him.

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