Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ah, October...

How I do love thee... Because all the good music and decor is out!

What Am I enjoying right now?

Yes, it's dubstep. What can I say, I really like this kind of music. And anything with a particularly dope bassline to it.

  1. Best Halloween Dubstep Mix - Scary Songs - Remix - Spooky EDM Drops
  2. Hardstyle mix 2013 ( Halloween Special ) HQ
  3. Bloodbeatzz - Halloween Hardstyle Mix 2012 (FREE DOWNLOAD) 
  4. Hardstyle mix 2015 ( Halloween Special ) HQ
This isn't by any means a full list, so I'll have a playlist over on my Youtube channel Here. Check it as often as you'd like. I'll have it over in the Music I like list. I'll be fiddling around with that some more a little later. 

Anyway, that's all for now, dearies. I've got an early start to the day tomorrow as I'm shadowing mom to two doctor's appointments, with a follow-up of Office Max for hanging labels for the knitting samples I'm making for a teaching bit I've got at 6 pm for one of her coworkers. May try to hit Micheal's as well to get a needle gauge, too. Ah, fun!

Take care, Dearies!

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