Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween post tag

This has been floating around the goth blog circuit lately, and struck my interest as something fun to do. If it strikes your fancy, consider yourself tagged!

Here's the questions:

1. Favorite Halloween song?
2. Witch or Vampire?
3. Favorite thing about Halloween?
4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
5. Skeletons or Zombies?
6. Favorite Halloween candy?
7. Favorite Halloween movie?
8. Favorite Halloween costume?
9. Favorite Halloween store?
10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
11. Bats or Black Cats?
12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Favorite Halloween song?
Honestly, it's a tie between Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns. I first heard Danse in 3rd grade music class and absolutely fell in love on the first hearing. And since the folks had WITF on the radio a lot when they still played Classical for the better part of the day. And really, it's absolutely kick-ass on the organ.

Witch or Vampire?
Honestly, I'd happily dress up as a vampire, just for the spook factor. Considering the history behind the holiday, I think the vampire fits. (Plus, it's always a good way to give kids a safe scare.)

Favorite thing about Halloween?
All the skull and bat decor items that come out this time of year!!! I have a thing for wanting to use them in decor, and since they aren't readily available the rest of the year, what better time to stock up?

Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
Scary movie marathon, hands down. I'd have both versions of Amityville horror in the mix, along with Dracula Untold, Devil's PassThe Last House on Cemetery Lane, and The Exorcist Files.

Skeletons or Zombies?
Skeletons, hands down. I have nothing against Zombies, I just like skeletons a heck of a lot more.

Favorite Halloween candy?
I don't really have a favorite Halloween candy. I do however love the heck out of Reese's peanut butter cups, Reese's Fast Breaks, Pixie Stix, and a good black licorice. And Twizzlers need not apply for that last one. Their black licorice tends to be entirely too tough to chew.

Favorite Halloween movie?
Amityville Horror, either version. 

Favorite Halloween costume?
I went trick-or-treating one year as Death's minion. Had a skull mask, cloak, and plastic sword. Sadly, don't have any pictures of it, but it was pretty spooky.

Favorite Halloween store?
Micheal's, definitely. They usually have several decor items that I'd happily use year-round. Spirit Halloween does as well, and they're definitely a close second on the list.

Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
Heck yes. I don't have any real talent at carving or painting them, but I do like them.

Bats or Black Cats?
Oh bugger... Make it hard, why don't you? I like them both, having had a black kitty named Sam, and I have a thing for bats. Hey, they're adorable! So, the answer to this is both.

 Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
Hell yes. 

Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
Pumpkin Spice Latte, FTW!!!!!! I love my caffeine, what can I say?

Anyway, that's all for now, dearies.

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