Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas photos, part 1

       As promised yesterday, here's some of the photos I took On Christmas Day. Mom and I headed out to get the paper, and to mail a belated Christmas card.

Yes, it really was this foggy.

A house on High  street.
I like how they've get their decorations simple and tasteful.

The Linda Baird house, East High Street
Don't have info on it, but may wind up over at the historical society to research.

Brick house on High
Mom and I like the architecture on this home.

More tasteful decorations
This... This is how it should be done. Not the over-lit monstrosities that get airtime on ABC.

More architecture love
Yes, this is what I tend to take pictures  of.
Well, this and plants, Letort Spring Run, and the odd sunset.
Part two to come out tomorrow!

Ta, Dearies!

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