Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kitty pictures and a podcast

RIP, BunBun

       I took these on December 11th, a couple days before his last escape artist fun time Monday. And they don't  do justice to just how amber his eyes really were. They were the first thing I really noticed when we took him in. 

On to the podcast!

       I recently heard about an interesting podcast called Welcome to NightVale on Ask Me Another a few months back, and checked them out on Youtube. Oh. My Gods  and Goddess. This podcast is almost ridiculously addictive, particularly because Cecil's voice is just so... hypnotic. And the way he moons over Carlos? Oh lord, it's actually just perfect, much like Carlos' hair. It's certainly all too easy to lose hours listening, so be sure to have some time blocked out, or use it as background noise while cooking, cleaning, or doing creative tasks. I'll be  honest, it makes sock knitting more interesting.

That's all for tonight, Dearies.

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