Monday, December 7, 2015

       I know the last post was rather a dark subject in what started out as a knitting/day in the life blog, but it's something I deal with on a daily basis, and it's something that shouldn't be stigmatized. Yes, it takes courage to admit it, even on the internet, when it seems society at large is all to willing to slam the sufferer and shame us for being weak, pussies, or somehow defective in character and we need to 'man up', even though we can't permanently change our brain chemistry. All we as is that society stop stigmatizing what we suffer and be supportive.

       I've lucked out in a way with my mom understanding when I told her what's going on, because her mother was manic-depressive, and didn't really get the help she needed. Mom saw first-hand just how bad the lows can be when someone you care about is in the grips of depression, and thankfully she's willing to listen. Granted, this came after I had a bout with my particular brand of insecurities and depression, and snapped at her. She wound up going over to Weis to let me get my head out of my arse. I explained what was going on after she came back, so she knows and has forgiven me for the snapping.
       Anyway, on to something more cheerful! Like say... What have I been knitting on lately?

First up, the projects in progress

       Haven't worked on this as much lately, since I've got other projects for mom and a couple neighbors on the go, but I've got about half an inch done on this since the last time I featured it.

       These, I'm planning on giving to a couple neighbors as Yule gifts this year. Why not spread the hand knit joy?

       This project's something I'm making for myself. I's a double moss stitch cowl in Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca, in the unimaginative name of 3049 (on the label), but what I'd consider teal. I've knitted up alpaca before and absolutely love how soft it is. 

       These aren't all the projects I've got on the go by far, but they're what I'm working on actively right now.

On to the finished projects!

       This was a fairly quick project I knit up a couple months back out of Cascade 220 that's been sitting in the stash for awhile. 

       More stash busting with these projects. I don't have the ball band for this, so can't point you to where to find it, but it's pretty soft, and feels like acrylic. Both went to mom, and she's already worn the cowl to work to keep her neck from bothering her as much.

Jewelry dabbling and outfit shot

       I made these a bit ago. It's a side hobby, and as much as I enjoy it, I don't have as much room for it as I do the knitting. It's still a fun way to express my creativity, though.

       I actually like this outfit, even though I need to lose some weight so the shirt fits properly. The button down's a hand-me-down from mom, the tank top and leggings are from Target, the skirt I found at a local thrift store, and the shoes are from KMart. The necklace I made, and the earrings are from Hot Topic.

       Anyway, I'll catch y'all later, Dearies!

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