Monday, May 16, 2016

Patreon: What is it?

       I've mentioned Patreon in previous posts, and you've probably wondered, "What the eff is Patreon?". And probably why I keep randomly mentioning it, but that's the next post*. 

Seriously Kat, what is it?

       What it is is a crowdfunding site for creators of all stripes to attract patrons who will pay monthly/per item to support the creators in what they do.

Wait, what? Monthly? Per item? Huh? What about my budget?

       I hear ya on the budget, and guess what? Most creators have reward levels as low as US$1! And if the creator has it set up to support them per item? You can set a limit on how many you support per month.

Ok. But wait... Reward levels?

       Those are donation levels where creators will send out rewards such as pictures, shout-outs in videos, letters, access to patron only content, and the like. 

Alright. So I want to try it and support you. Where do I go?

       You can click the link right here, or click the link in the upper left hand box. Either will get you over to my Patreon page. 


*- Like literally, the next post, which is going live TODAY at 12:30 pm, EST! Yes,  you guys'n'gals get two posts today? Why? Because I need to get this ish out!

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