Monday, May 16, 2016

RealTalk: Why I'm running a Patreon

       Alright, going to detour  from the normal blog content for a serious talk concerning the future of both this blog and the YouTube channel.

       As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a Patron page set up to support the blog and Youtube channel. Since I'm currently unemployed (Yes, I'm looking.), I don't have an income to support the costs associated with running them.

 What costs are those?

       First off, there's the ever-fun topic of paying rent. Since I still live with the parents, I don't pay nearly the current going rent in my area (Yes. I keep an eye on the ads in the paper.), but I was paying US$185/month to mom, which would go into an account dedicated to saving towards paying for repairs needed in the bathroom, kitchen, living/dining room, damage caused by a leaking steam radiator upstairs, and add a second bedroom for me. 

       Since half of the Youtube and blog work involves computer and internet use, it's only fair that I pay for my share of the bills. It would also mean less financial strain on the parents' pay and social security checks.
       As with any other creative endeavor, there are costs involved with running the blog and Youtube channel. There's the cost of keeping a few spare micro SD cards for the camcorder, keeping the current (shared) computer up and running (thank god our current ISP offers IT support.), keeping Kaspersky up and running on the family computers (currently US$34.99 for Basic Protection, on sale, according to their site.), and making sure Mom is fed when she's with me, if need be. And that's not including some tech upgrades that need doing, including getting a separate computer dedicated to blog photo and Youtube video editing, getting better programs for both, and a laptop dedicated to on-the-go Youtube and blog business.

       Lastly, I also need to cover my share of food. As I said in my last post, I'm going through a diet change, and trying to eat healthier and actually track what's going in my body in relation to what I'm burning. And since it's my diet, I should cover it and not make the folks pay for it.

       Hope this may clear up any questions you folks may have. 

       Talk to you later.

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Anonymous said...

This house NEEDS a lot of repairs and we must tear down and rebuild the kitchen and bathroom. Jerk (aka some former owner) planted a tree less then 3 feet from the back of the bathroom and the tree roots are under the bathroom. It cost $2,500.00 to take tree out and grind the stump down. I'm the mom.